About us

CitySmart has developed the Watt Savers program in partnership with the Commonwealth Government's Department of Industry and our consortium partners, Rio Tinto, Business South Bank, Energex, the University of Southern Queensland and Low Carbon Australia.

Watt Savers is a program aimed at empowering small to medium enterprises and community organisations in Brisbane to make informed decisions about energy efficiency.  The CitySmart-led consortium was brought together to combine its strengths in academic, industrial and energy expertise required to deliver quality content and data analysis.

CitySmart is a Brisbane City Council owned company which works with government and 40 industry partners to design and deliver sustainability projects, facilitating collaborations that deliver economic benefits to businesses and households, commercial returns for corporate partners and sustainability benefits for cities and regions.  CitySmart uses a commercial approach to the design and delivery of programs to achieve positive environmental and economic outcomes.  CitySmart is currently delivering $25 million worth of projects, with over $290 million in projects in development, all designed to contribute to Brisbane’s economic growth and making our city a clean, green city. 

CitySmart works across a range of products and programs:

  • EzyGreen, a residential program which saves Brisbane residents money on their electricity bill
  • the bi-annual Green Heart Fair
  • an electric vehicle charging station in King George Square car park
  • a central energy system to provide cheaper/more efficient air conditioning for CBD buildings
  • working with the property industry to remove barriers to upgrading the commercial property assets of Brisbane and
  • the conversion of Brisbane’s waste to energy and
  • an energy efficiency program designed specifically for the needs and preferences of young low-income households.

These projects demonstrate that we can transform the enormous challenge of sustainability in Brisbane into powerful new business opportunities and at the same time, transform our way of life for a much more sustainable future.

For more information on CitySmart visit the website: www.citysmart.com.au